Wellness Programs 

Preconception & Pregnancy Care

Is there ever a more rewarding time to enjoy a healthy lifestyle? The health and immunity of your growing baby depends upon it.  4 Week Gentle Cleanse + Personalised Programs  

There is an abundance of scientific research proving nutrition affects fertility in both men and woman. A poor diet also increases the chances of preterm delivery, gestational diabetes, postnatal depression and an unbalanced micro biome for your child.  The preconception care component of the program ideally involves both partners - don't worry guys its totally worth it!  Ideal to support natural or assisted conception.  Simple, nourishing and supportive.  Contact us today, we look forward to supporting your journey.   

Postnatal/ Post IVF Support

New Mums ask a lot from themselves and I work with my clients to optimise their health and strengthen their mindset. I also work with post IVF clients who may not have been successful and wish to nurture their health. Personalised Programs  

Whether its looking at optimum nutrition for breastfeeding or inflammatory markers associated with postnatal depression much can be done with a holistic approach.  This program is also designed for clients who wish to strengthen and detox their body following IVF.  Contact us to see how we can help.     

Weight Loss Programs

This is not a 'diet' protocol. We are all about overhauling your lifestyle to ensure you feel energised, vital and fabulous. 8 week Program 


We do weight loss a little differently. There are lots of reasons why people have gained weight and/or can't lose weight. Wouldn't it be good to get to the bottom of it and not be caught in an endless cycle of yo-yo dieting? Of course we look at your diet & exercise patterns but we also look at your hormones, gut-health, medications, mind-set and stress levels. The body mind connection is a big player here and we would love to help you achieve your goals.  Contact us today to take your first fabulous step.  

Beating Stress & Fatigue

Stress not only takes away your enjoyment of everyday life it has enormous implications for your health. We may not be able to avoid stress altogether but we can certainly help you manage it better. 

Personalised Programs  

This program looks at hormones related to your stress levels (saliva test) and recommends effective ways to counter the stress response. Stress is linked to an increased risk of: type 2 diabetes,  PCOS, strokes, heart attack and mental health issues. It also plays havoc with eczema, asthma, reproductive health and immunity. With targeted, therapeutic nutrition and practical lifestyle coaching we can help you manage the craziness of today's modern world.  Contact us to help you de-stress today.       

A Toxin Free Life

Avoid all those endocrine disrupting toxins and explore the fabulous world of natural products and clean food.         4 week program (Heavy Metal testing optional) + Personalised Programs

Our bodies have an amazing ability to detoxify themselves, however, these days with all our plastic, pesticides, pollution and perfumes we are asking a lot from this incredible system. Toxic build-up may manifest in the form of: fatigue, digestive distress, aching joints, impaired blood sugar regulation or reproductive problems (in men and woman). Contact us today, it's easier than you think to live a toxin free life.   

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