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Hi there, I'm Sonia.  I'm a degree qualified Clinical Nutritionist consulting online from Sydney, Australia.

In clinic I specialise in fertility, hormones, autoimmunity, mood & gut health. I love nothing more than partnering my clients on their fertility journey or on their journey to vital health.

I can help those wanting to lose some weight, increase energy, sleep better, manage hormones, increase immunity and generally feel more vital. Additionally, a lot of what I do involves unravelling complex health conditions. This may include functional testing and perhaps looking at genetics & epigenetics. I have clients of all ages all over the world and together we endeavour to get to the root cause of the issues and move forward from there. 

My Workplace Wellness presentations for corporates address techniques to manage stress and achieve that allusive work/ life balance. The goal is to feel great whilst performing at your highest level. 


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Fertility Support

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Mental Health - gut/brain axis

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Hormonal Health

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Children's Health & Wellbeing

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Digestive Health

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Toxin Free Living


I look forward to supporting you.

Sonia Savage

Bachelor of Health Science (Comp. Medicine) - With Distinction 

Adv. Dip Nutritional Medicine | ATMS Member

Bachelor of Business 

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Do something today your future self will thank you for!

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